Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Somewhere over the rainbow

Sol Duc Falls as photographed by FarmWife
The humans told me they were going somewhere without me this weekend. They neglected to say they were going somewhere over the rainbow!  I am rather jealous, as I hear there are wonderful slippers and delicious straw men and oogly boogly green magicians over there. Also flying monkeys.

FarmWife says it wasn't like that at all—it was just a forest of beautiful ancient trees, scenic vistas over marvelous waterfalls, leisurely soaks in hot springwater, and evenings at a nice campsite full of delicious things to eat and cozy tents to sleep in.

Thanks, FarmWife, for easing my jealousy. (Not!)

They're back, anyway—unscathed, well soaked, and toting photos of a place I absolutely must visit one day. (Hock, mend thyself!)


P.S. If you're wondering, my hock is really looking great. I am still retired, but we hope I am retired sound.

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