Saturday, May 26, 2012

Sister Appreciation Day

My youngest human, Robin, decided that all this talk of Mothers (May) and Fathers (June) justified the establishment of a new holiday: Sister Appreciation Day, which she says can be held weekly, at least. Yesterday, May 25 2012, was the first official Sister Appreciation Day at Bent Barrow Farm. Robin said that Sister Appreciation Day is for anyone who IS a sister, or anyone who HAS a sister, or anyone who needs to BORROW a sister for the occasion. It involves, and I quote directly: "The grownups listening to all the children and hearing what they want." What they want, and I quote directly: "Fun stuff and trips to the playground and things like cakes with lots of frosting." 

We celebrated, Arrietty and I, by eating some grass hay and having our deer-fly bites bathed with repellant balms. Robin and her sister Dylann celebrated by going to a tea party with FarmWife at the Huggins home. This, as everyone who has ever met a Huggins will understand, fell firmly into the "fun stuff" category, making it a perfectly lovely way to pass the special occasion. 


Sister Appreciation Day may involve snail races and
almost definitely will involve getting chocolatey stuff on one's face.

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