Thursday, May 31, 2012

Ode to Saltblock, my companion

Saltblock, you were with me when the goats were out to browse.
You stood staunchly at my hoofies when my FarmWife wasn't 'round.
You are stoic, you are patient, you are tan rather than pink,
You enrich me with your traces of selenium and zinc.
You preceeded Arrietty, were my friend when I had none,
And the hours I've spent licking you have been immensely fun.
You've been tasty, you've been crunchy, you've been slippery when wet,
And the times we've had aren't over. We have moments to share yet!
My dear Saltblock, I shall mold you, lend you contours with my tongue,
'til you're eaten down to nothing
And we two shall become one.


  1. I love how Fenway writes an ode to everyday things. How come no pics of Arrietty? Amy

  2. Working on that! For now, you can see her by clicking 'Arrietty G. Teaspoon' in the welcome text above.


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