Sunday, May 27, 2012

My painting

I'm going to get my oil painting soon! The artist, Shaila of Orange Horse Art, emailed to say it's ready for me. We'll get together next week for the big reveal. It will take place here at Bent Barrow Farm, I think, as she rather likes all of us and wants ever so much to meet my wee Arrietty. 

There is good news and bad news about my painting. The good news is that it will be SPECTACULAR! FarmWife showed me the in-progress photos and I dare say no finer portrait has ever been made of man or beast. 

The bad news? FarmWife says we must hang it in the living room. It's a pity, as I had picked out a splendid spot on yonder shed wall. 

"It will be far too delicate to hang in a barn, my dear," she tells me. 

"You ought to improve the barn in order to ready it for my painting, my dear," I tell her. 

"Your barn is fine just as it is," she tells me. "Maybe I will buy you a print of it to hang out here." 

Maybe if my barn looked like this?
(photo by Liza Mills,

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