Thursday, May 10, 2012

The difference
In case you missed my earlier comparisons, I will illustrate again for you the difference between mules and goats.

The ingredients for successfully keeping goats out of the raspberry patch:

  • One dozen heavy-duty 6-ft. steel t-posts
  • One 100' roll of 48" woven wire horse fence
  • 200 feet of low-guage aluminum electric wire
  • Two dozen plastic t-post insulators
  • One dozen plastic t-post caps
  • One heavy-duty low-impedance 110 volt 2 joule fence charger
  • One six-foot ground rod
  • 48 wire fence clips or fasteners
  • One powered 110 volt outlet

The ingredient for successfully keeping a mule out of the raspberry patch:

  • A single white or pale-colored string. (Synthetic yarn holds up nicely; pictures to follow).

This is why I, and not the goats, am allowed out to graze in the orchard.


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