Tuesday, May 22, 2012


You may or may not be aware that our friends over at Save Your Ass Longear Rescue recently bailed baby Biscotti and his donkey dam Cookie from the Camelot Auction. Sadly, he's not well. Here's their assessment:

Little Biscotti is very sick and mama is coughing as well. The vet has already had to check him out twice and it looks like pneumonia and possibly lung worms. His vitals are scary . . . he is eating a little so far . . . but he has very rapid respiration and very high pulse rate.  Both he and his mama are very scared too. 

We had some generous donations to help bail these guys and ANY additional donations to help with the vet bills would be VERY appreciated.
Please keep your fingers crossed he pulls through! THANK YOU!

If you were thinking of swinging by Starbucks today, could you save the $5 and send it to Biscotti instead?



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