Sunday, April 1, 2012

Skokomish Farms

Have you hear of Skokomish Farms? It's a neat idea, and one I'd consider trying out if I had a lot more money. The thing is, I'd like to do it with 18 families of my choosing rather than with 18 families of perfect strangers. Carabbas, Hugginses, Popes, Joneses, Forests, Jacksons, Hiltons, DuBoises, Harders, Campbells, Merles, Davises, Browns . . . the list goes on. I'm lucky to know a lot of people I'd gladly live near and farm alongside!

The concept, an eco-subdivision with green building requirements and an organically-farmed, working agricultural preserve filling most of its 750 acres, appeals to me. Having a darned good farmer involved would be central to the project's success, I think, and having compatible personalities and a true commitment to the values that make this project different than your average development would matter too.

I hope this thing works. I want to see how it shakes out.

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