Sunday, April 22, 2012

The Fenway 50, #6

The Fenway 50, #6- Your favorite memory of visiting with people. (For those not in the know, this is the Fenway 50 master list). 

Here's a nice photo of the culmination of nearly two solid weeks of visitors: in the summer of 2010 we had three uncles, two aunts, a grand-uncle and grand-aunt, a granny, and assorted other friends and relations staying in tents in my pasture for a week. Then we had two aunts, a grandpa, and four cousins from a separate branch of the human family staying on the lawn for a week. Luckily, our lawn is big enough to make up—at least seasonally—for the lack of a guest room! 

Here I am with the second wave of visitors:
Back row, from left: FarmWife, me (Fenway Bartholomule), FarmHusband with Robin upon him; Grandpa Tim, Aunt Ena, Aunt Jodi. Front row, from left, Cousin Aidan, Cousin Jackson (obscured), Cousin Nico, Mia, Cousin Kanan, Dylann. 

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