Monday, February 27, 2012

Under the wire

We had a splendiferously springy day yesterday, despite waking up to a blanket of snow. My raggedy old hens have been inspired to start laying eggs again, my mama goat is developing an udder despite having been at least 5 miles away from the nearest buck all fall and winter, and I am dropping hairs like nobody's business. We celebrated by taking the first serious hike of 2012—me on hoof, FarmWife on foot, and my oldest human filly (age 12) on muleback. We went up Lyman Hill and down the electric line to the scenic vista, where we were met with a marvelous sky dotted with blue. We came down Lyman hill and up Wickersham Street just in time to beat the snow, which fell half-heartedly for just long enough to make us glad to be home.

I am proud to say that I was less winded than FarmWife during the climb, which just goes to show that the size of a mule's tummy means nothing next to the size of his capacious heart.


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