Friday, February 17, 2012

A ride

There's very little this view can't fix. 
A ride: FarmWife needs one.

How elementary school teachers survive the oversight of 20+ seven year-olds for six hours a day—and three times that many at recess—is beyond FarmWife. She is exhausted after a week of escorting her broken daughter to school and sitting in during library, reading, math, music, etcetera, plus making a couple of trips to the people-vet with tired and cranky children. She is completely sapped. She spent last night dragging around the house, frowning, grumping, and generally being a little bit unbearable to the people around her.

FarmHusband and I know how to mend her spirits, though. "You need a ride," he told her. "A nice ride on your mule will fix you."

We are going to hit the hills tomorrow afternoon, and I am going to take her hunting for scenic vistas and breathtaking little moments. I'm sure we'll find some.


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