Tuesday, February 21, 2012


In Wickersham, we have plenty of berries.
There are some things of which we can never get enough, and there are other things of which we have plenty. Now, this is distinct from the category of things we would like none of (though there are such things: contagious diseases, quarrelsome neighbors, barbed wires, bills).

These are things we have that are, in the immortal words of Goldilocks, just right:

Goats. Two is a nice harmonious number for this little acre.

Outbuildings. We have a human house, a chicken coop, a duck hut, a greenhouse, a woodshed, a woodshop, and now a fine little barn. There is no room for anything else on this particular acre.

Rabbits. Two rabbits go a long way, which isn't to say that we don't adore them. We do. Speaking of rabbits, mine now have a nice little paddock for sunny weather, and when they're in it we can visit. Nose to nose, ear to ear.

Raspberry canes. Our patch provides up to two gallons a week in July, which is just about all my humans have time to pick. I offered to prune the patch for them. They declined.

Scarves. FarmWife has been knitting up a frenzy, and now every human (and some of the pets) is equipped with a snug and colorful scarf. It is time for FarmWife to broaden her repertoire, and so she has begun to make round things. I would not be surprised if I wind up with a stripey woolen mule hat one of these days.

Hobbies. Knitting, shooting, cooking, riding, hiking, and writing will do it for FarmWife, and eating, braying, goat herding, trail-conquering, babysitting, blogging, and looking majestic will do it for me. FarmWife once fancied herself a jogger and a kayaker, too, though she hardly ever does either of those things. She wouldn't mind being a rally obedience trainer, too, but she has hobbies enough.

What do you have just enough of?


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