Thursday, February 9, 2012

One hoof, two hoof, red hoof, blue hoof


The little humans have developed a fondness for fashion, and I have my suspicions that they will soon eye me with more than just a curry comb in hand.

D: "Can we put purple hair dye on Harriet?"

FW: "No. She might lick it off and get sick."

R: "Can we paint Clover's toenails?"

FW: "No. She likes to chew on her feet."

R: "Can we cut Paisley's hair?"

FW: "No, let's let it grow back in."

I have a sinking suspicion here . . . that my hoofies, which are the most tremendous and spacious canvases, might become the next outlet for their beautician-inspired urges.

Bray for me!


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  1. That's not a bad deal, Fenny. After all, a mule like you deserves to be well dressed and stylish! Have fun, and have your humans take pictures!


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