Thursday, December 8, 2011

This is my middle filly (in the front row, wearing purple).
She played Lady Guinevere in her school's production of "King Arthur's Quest".
To her right, you see valiant Sir Lancelot,
played by our dear friend Raphael from Wickersham.

Photo by FarmWife, age 32. 

Here, you see me and FarmWife attempting to insert ourselves into the Nativity.
 I didn't fit between the ass and the lamb, so I stood front and center.
Note the three wise men, who are said to have brought gifts but who, upon closer inspection,
were revealed to carry neither frankincense nor myrrh.

Note, also, that I was festive in my harness bells. I was practicing for our caroling party on the 18th.

Photo by R. Jones, age four. 

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