Tuesday, December 13, 2011


I don't really need much of anything—I've got my health, I've got a blanket that mostly fits, I've got my paddock and my shed and my Christmas bells.

FarmWife says that Clover is getting one of these for Christmas, which gets her into something of a bind: if Clover's getting a Christmas present, then so must Paisley, Missy, B.G., Desmond, Townes, Harriet, B, Chanticleer, the hens, and of course me, Fenway Bartholomule.

Last year I got a nice soft finishing brush and a new salt block. The salt block is 75% intact today.

FarmWife says she would love to buy me a monogrammed Rambo Newmarket fleece cooler, a new set of hoof boots, and a Rambo quarter horse turnout blanket, but she's thinks a more practical gift might be a subscription for these:


As for me, I don't know why she thinks I might like a bunch of icky bugs for Christmas. I've asked, instead, for these:

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