Thursday, December 22, 2011

I'm getting a shed for Christmas!

Here is my current shed, a 16x16-ft. space filled with cluttered goat housing and labyrinthine corridors. My hay and tack live 150 feet away on the house porch. I get groomed and tacked up in the rain next to the mailbox. Behind my shed, witness the woodshop which you'll also see in the sketches below.

Here is a very basic rendering of my future shed, which will feature a 16x16-ft. addition consisting of a 6 foot aisle/goat avenue, a 6x10-ft. tack room, and a 10x10-ft. feed room. The interior walls will be added in another phase, so they are not shown here. The metal gates are simply for example's sake . . . honestly, I'm not sure how we'll divide up the space. Perhaps with marble columns.*

Keep in mind that we live on just one acre, and that our budget is small. (Tiny). If you have constructive criticism to offer, please offer it within those constraints. I'm really excited, and I welcome your tips on how to make the most of this great new space!


*If you think the marble is a good idea, here's my paypal button:

View from the East, showing the old shed at right and the new addition on the left. 

View from the south, showing the new shed roof and clear roofing over the aisle. 

View from the Southwest, showing the gate leading into the new shed. 

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