Friday, December 9, 2011


Dear friends,

My footing is maaaaahvelous this year! Our neighborhood tractor guy did a simply splendiferous job of spreading my gravel in an even, sloped fashion. The drainage is wonderful, the mud is nonexistent, and the hoofies are feeling truly terrific.

My paddock was not always so comfortable, and when FarmWife bought me she was woefully unprepared for my mud-making prowess. This is a photo of me after a mere 24 hours in my new habitation at Bent Barrow Farm:

You will note that I was well on my way to muddifying the premises even after such a brief stay, but I was accustomed to mud. My pony mule friend, who was purchased from the same place at the same time, was accustomed to mud as well. We had lived in such deep mud that it had been hard to see these:  

(Now, out of respect for my old owners I'd like to avoid a lot of chitchat about those feet. This pony mule was thrown in to the deal when FarmWife bought me, and we all appreciate my old owner's willingness to part with her. She's quite sound today.)

What I do want some chitchat about is footing: for me, in slick-clay, gray-day Washington, gravel has been the only affordable option. You might remember that I was off for two days with a stone bruise the first week it was delivered, but I am pleased to report that it has packed down beautifully and that I am sound and happy on my gravel footing today. I get turned out on grass for a few hours each day (24 hours during dry spells), so I can gambol on a springy carpet of grass from time to time. It's a good, balanced solution. 

What do you do to prevent mud? 


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