Wednesday, November 23, 2011

A pre-Thanksgiving update

I'm well and warm, dressed in my salvaged rain blanket. FarmWife managed to mend it so that it fits better than before. FarmWife has weighed her options, has gratefully considered all of your input into my plight, and has decided that I'll stay clad this winter. I came to Bent Barrow Farm with rainrot, which is no surprise since we live in a constant frigid deluge from November to January. This blanket will do until I get another.

I've just had a terribly delicious apple core assortment—one each of three varieties that are going into FarmWife's pie, it turns out. Tomorrow, I hope I get a real apple—the middle AND the rest of it.

Do you remember last Thanksgiving? It snowed, and FarmWife gave me sunflower seeds and apple slices for breakfast.

I'm thankful for my cozy shed which keeps me dry, my farmer Russ who grows my hay, my many dear friends of the Interwebs, and of course my FarmWife. I'm thankful for my human children, who groom me, and for my goats. They're not voluptuous blondes, but a mule takes what companionship he can get.

Ears to you and yours,

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