Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Leveraging my incredible, cosmic power for good

Update on the biggest human child: she had her appendix out yesterday, as I mentioned on my Facebook page, and it went well. She's resting now and will probably be out of the hospital by dinner time.

Do mules have appendices? I hope not! They sound like icky little organs if you ask me.

What I really wanted to tell you, though, is that I, Fenway Bartholomule, am on a mission to eat more Cheerios. And granola bars. And fruit roll-ups. And cake.

Actually, FarmWife doesn't let me eat any of those things but I would if I could. Do you know why? Each and every one of those things comes in a box with this upon it:

This is a powerful little pencil thingy! If I collect them and give them to the larval humans' elementary school, it benefits educational programs that will otherwise go unfunded. It helps the kids have a mulish upbringing full of joyful opportunity. 

Do you live near an underfunded but deserving school? If not, do you want to help MY school? You can clip these symbols from Ziploc, General Mills, Hefty, Natures Valley, and Land-o-Lakes products plus many, many, many more (full list here) and mail them to Acme Elementary School, care of Michelle, P.O. Box 9, Acme, Wa., 98220. You can also sign up to have your online shopping count towards educational funding by choosing a school to benefit at this link

If every one of my 1,791 Facebook friends sent in six box tops, my little human's school would have a thousand dollars. Think of it! That's a big number for a small rural school with a tight budget. If you live near an equally deserving school, see if they participate. Chances are these coupons are already sitting in your kitchen. FarmWife was surprised to find four box tops during a recent hunt through her kitchen—four, even though she's a buy-in-bulk, cook-from-scratch, grow-your-own kind of chef. 

Ears, and thanks. I promise that we'll get back to mule business tomorrow. I have to tell you some things about the whuffly bray I've been making lately. 

Fenway Bartholomule

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