Saturday, November 5, 2011

Letters from Loudoun County

Dear Fenway,

I've spent today learning all sorts of important things about timber framing. (The better to build a barn for you, my dear! In due time.) I've been missing you, FarmHusband, and the children as well Townes, Desmond, Paisley, Clover, Missy, B.G., Harriet, B-bun, and, to a lesser extent, the chickens, but I'm having fun nonetheless.

I met one corgi, two donkeys, a flock of sheep, and a herd of steers yesterday. Today? A whole lot of humans (great ones, I'll admit). I'm getting a little anxious for some four-legged company—and I don't mean saw horses—but I'll get my kicks in due time. Tomorrow, I'm off to the barn then straight to the airport. I hope my neighbor on the plane won't mind the smell of mules and horses.


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