Friday, November 4, 2011

Letters from Clark County


Dear Fenway,

I got out of suburbia today and saw some beautiful farms and mills. The farms were full of livestock and the mills were full of grain, so you would have loved the entire tour. I also saw a photo of three horses and an ox hitched together. Can you believe it? You'd have fainted from terror if it had happened to you.

There were a number of verdant pastures on today's tour, and I saw a magnificent hay barn that you would have enjoyed. Were it full, you could eat for ten years and not finish it all.

I met a donkey (above, meeting a friend from New Hampshire) who very nearly talked his way into my suitcase. You would have liked him, I think. I gave his owners your card and I told him to keep in touch. Only time will tell whether writes as well as you.


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