Friday, November 25, 2011

Happy buy-nothing day!

FarmWife needs some new elastic and snap ends for me—her mom gave her a Hug blanket that's just my size, but it needs some minor repairs. Unfortunately, she refuses to go to the store today. Calls it "Buy Nothing" day.

Tomorrow, in honor of Small Business Saturday, FarmWife will buy my straps and snaps at the local hole-in-the-wall sewing and hardware stores, respectively.

Decal by Nicker Stickers
If you're looking for a small business to patronize this year, consider a Fetching Tag for your four-legged loved ones. They're my favorite form of identification (I have five of my own, plus a handful for my goats and dogs). for more information.

If you want a REALLY small business, remember that FarmWife's 2-for-1 poetry offer still stands. Buy a commissioned poem for one of your loved ones this November, mention this offer, and she'll write you a second poem, free! There's plenty of time for your Christmas orders—what a great way to get hard-to-buy for relatives taken care of, eh? for details.

I must, too, give a plug to my kind sponsors and friends—among them, Chimacum Tack for harness and accessories, Nicker Stickers for custom window decals, FoalinAround for personalized jewelry, Blocky Dogs for BIG dog (or steer or mule) collars, Paco for unique leather dog collars, Sue Kroll for mule paintings, Wind River Woolens for wool products, Stirling Design for graphics, and Equestrian Clearance Warehouse which is not a small business but which did give FarmWife some dapper new boots.

Happy shopping, if that's your thing today, and many carroty delicacies to you and yours.


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