Saturday, October 15, 2011

Who is that girl in those fabulous boots?

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Why, it's my FarmWife in those fabulous boots! She looks dashing!

FarmWife has lovely K*ty Lake Country boots because I am an important mule, and because no human belonging to such an important mule should slouch about in icky footwear.

FarmWife's new boots were from the kind folks at the Equestrian Clearance Warehouse. They are BEAUTIFUL. FarmWife wasn't entirely sure whether she could order well-fitting footwear online, but she needn't have worried—she asked for a UK size 7 (Euro. size 41) after reading that the boots tend to be a big generously sized through the foot. The retailer's comments, viewable at this link, were right on, and the boots fit just as described. (In other words, perfectly!) FarmWife usually wears a US women's 10 or men's 8, for reference.

Could FarmWife ride in these boots? Yes! They have a wonderful, sturdy sole, a safe heel, and no lug treads (to avoid stirrup-hangups). I will take her out and about down the scenic byways and heads will turn. I have no doubt we'll be noticed admiringly.

Could FarmWife go to town in these boots? Yes! In fact, she has promised to keep them clean for a whole month so that she can wear them at an upcoming professional conference without smelling of livestock. She is going to wear them in the presence of her boss and everything—they're that nice.

Could FarmWife clean the paddock in these boots? Yes, but not yet. They are simply too beautiful to abuse, though surely she'll get there eventually. In the meantime, she's had them on her feet for two days straight, minus the occasional sleep or stable-mucking, and her feet are happy as clams.

These boots are waterproof, breathable, gusseted, and padded with a comfortable insole. They shipped quickly, arriving here in Wickersham, Washington, U.S.A. a mere five days after leaving Halifax, West Yorkshire, England. They are pretty, they are cozy, and they smell nice. 

The only complaint that I have about these boots is this—they don't come in the right size or shape for me, Fenway Bartholomule.

Ears to you and ears to my friends at! My your feet be forever comfortable.


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