Thursday, October 20, 2011

Mystery solved

FarmWife can't figure out why she had a psychic pang of concern for me on the morning when I turned up lame, but why it didn't enter her head until she opened the door to come out to my paddock. "ESP shouldn't be stopped by a window or wall!," she thought. "Sixth senses are beyond material limits!"

Your mule-dar is working fine, FarmWife. You got my anxious thought the moment I sent it to you. You didn't hear from me until you opened the door because it was at that moment, when I heard the click of your turning doorknob, that I cried a silent "help!"

Yours in the eternal bond of friendship,

Fenway Barthomule

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  1. Oh Fenway, I'm so glad your tootsies are feeling more comfortable. And may I say that your winter coat is Gorgeous! ... Speaking of gorgeous come & visit the beautiful little molly who has stolen my heart at


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