Tuesday, October 11, 2011

My online doppelganger

Apparently I am not the only Californian-turned-South Fork Valley resident with a veggie patch; a menagerie of goats/poultry/equines/dogs/cats/children; an employment history as a copywriter/teacher/Everybody's Store cheesemonger; an interest in heritage livestock, and a clever soap-opera pun blog. The author of www.asthebutterchurns.com seems to be living a parallel life! She has a donkey and a horse, whereas I've got the two rolled into one, and she has ducks and turkeys rather than chickens. She's a Catholic, and I'm a skeptical agnostic. She's got a boy, I've got girls. Otherwise, she's basically me.*

" I never thought I’d be told “you have a cute hairy little ass,” but when you own a donkey, the jokes just keep coming."—Denise Miller, www.asthebutterchurns.com

*Oh, but then there's this—she found all this after leaving her six-figure income for a down-to-earth life.  I found all this after leaving an 800 square foot apartment and a part time job as a nursing assistant. Still, though—the soap opera pun thing is a pretty cool coincidence.

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