Thursday, September 15, 2011

The underlying truth

FarmWife once fell under the sway of an evil rhododendron bush. I will tell you what happened: she took me close to the bush, and the bush hypnotized her and compelled her to do something evil. It compelled her to open my mouth and, using pliers, twist the tartar off of my own tender precious little toothies. It compelled her to do this for no good reason at all, except to get the tartar off my toothies for its own nefarious purposes. Probably as fertilizer for its roots. Anyway, it compelled her to do it and she did it and it was terrible.

A less intelligent mule than I might think, "FarmWife did a bad thing. I mustn't trust FarmWife." Not I! I am perceptive. I look beneath the surface at the underlying truth. I see causation where others see only outcome. No—I don't mistrust FarmWife. I mistrust the rhododendron. This is how I am smarter than your average mule.


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