Friday, September 30, 2011

Summary of birthdays

This week marks D's birthday (seven) and R's half-birthday (four and a half). M is almost 12. 

My mule is turning 17 next month. 

Clover and Paisley are almost two and almost ten. 

Missy will be nine and a half next week and her daughter B.G. is going to be three and a half tomorrow. Her granddaughter Briony is fourteen weeks old. 

The cats turned six and four this summer. 

The chickens can be summed up in two strokes: the australorps and Chanticleer are 10, give or take a year, and the Rhode Island reds and americaunas are two. 

The rabbits are both two and a half. 

Only the first three listed family members get parties and birthday cakes, though, which simplifies things a bit. The others get carrots, cheese, cheese, carrots, carrots, carrots, catnip, catnip, grains, grains, carrots, and carrots, respectively. 

Feliz Cumpleaños, dear ones! 


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