Tuesday, September 27, 2011

One way of thinking

Watching "The Wilderness Family" got me to thinking about what I want with life—no, I don't want to wrestle pet bears in retro bellbottoms, but I do want a more self-sufficient life. I do want a handmade house. I do want to get out into the world. As movies go, it's silly. As a thought-provoker, though, it worked.

It got me thinking first about the big "how we live" question, and then I got to thinking about smaller, more material wants—a newer vehicle, a harness horse and carriage, a paint job and wraparound porch for this home.

And then my train of thought turned towards closer goals. Immediately attainable goals—goals that don't require any infusion of cash, any moves, any acquisitions. I thought about what is in reach—I want winter greens, and I have a nice greenhouse. I can plant my salad now. I want to be physically fit, and I have weights and trails and an old bike with a trailer for little R. I can lift weights and go cycling without joining a gym or buying a mountain bike. I want a clean house—I own a broom.

I wanted a writing career, and I didn't go back to school. I didn't buy a new reference library. I didn't join a club. I simply started writing, and now my dream is bearing fruit. I'm learning (but slowly!) that much of life is DOING—not instead of wanting, but because I want. I get there by doing it. Now.

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