Sunday, September 18, 2011

Oh, FarmWife!

That gravel you talked about buying me? Yeah. Um . . . there's no time like the present. Not to be grabby, but the rainy season around here tends to be . . . well, rainy.  Mud abatement is best done before there's a whole lot of mud, and after this dusty hot August we've had I'd say my paddock soil is going to be about as stable as a jello salad on an out-of-balance clothes dryer. The two thousand raindrops that fell today are about to be followed by 8,459,439,762,665,107,512 more. (Approximately). It will soon be too late for new footing deliveries.

Big truck—wet clay—precious mule—does that sound like a good combination? FarmWife, get your gravel order in soon or this isn't going to be pretty.


P.S. does anyone else have this stuck in their head now?

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