Friday, September 2, 2011

My family is shrinking

Having been, lately, in a "few dollars, many mouths" situation, the humans have set themselves the task of selling some goats and giving away some chickens. We are down two hoofbeasts (Burzum went to live at a local farm as a future herd sire; Jasper Jules is living with a family in Blaine) and seven chickens (we gave our three year-old hens to an acquaintance with more acreage and fewer mouths to feed, keeping our two year-old hens as layers and our 10 year-old hens and rooster as retirees). We have two more baby goats to sell, and we have at least one promising lead on a home for the pair. Soon, FarmWife hopes, we will be a family of 23. In fact, we won't even be quite that. Since chickens are more like dinosaurs than people, I think you could say we are going to be a family of 14 people and some dinosaurs. That's a perfectly reasonable size—we'd be few enough to fit in an RV for the weekend!

It would have to be a big RV, and FarmWife says that would defeat the purpose of selling critters to save on cash.

It will have to be a tent. A really big tent.



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