Friday, September 9, 2011

Smooshy squashy puppy

I haven't forgotten to tell you my third white hair story. It's just that I've been busy eating blackberries, and taking dust baths, and carrying FarmWife down the trail. Plus, I've honestly begun to question whether it's really a white hair story at all. I'm thinking it's closer to a creamy yellow. 

You remember how FarmWife's oldest human filly lives in two homes, right? She lives here on Bent Barrow Farm and she also lives in a condominium in a city called Saddle. It's famous for its space needle, but I think it should be famous for its name. Saddle. It would have to be called Mulesville to be any cooler!

Anyway, Bent Barrow Farm used to have the upper hand over Saddle for one particular reason—the pets. We keep a very pet-centric residence! FarmWife and I have four goats, two dogs, two cats, two rabbits, and seven chickens between us. FarmWife's oldest human filly loves pets, and she did tend to get a little lonesome for four-legged companionship in her Saddle home. 

Well, here's a news flash—this filly's Saddle dad recently got her THIS: 

If you're having any trouble seeing the picture, I'll tell you what it is: it's a big smooshy squashy puppy! Sure, it's no mule, but this is one seriously cool addition to the urban life. Filly is utterly and completely STOKED, as you can imagine. Filly's dad is pretty pleased, too, though he had hoped for a black puppy from the litter. Dad's new car features charcoal-colored upholstery, you see, and that is the only way in which this is a white hair story. I hope you found it to be a good story anyway. 
Fenway Bartholomule

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