Wednesday, September 14, 2011

For Sale

For sale: two baby goats. Very cute. Very loud. Very rascally.

These baby goats managed to go through a fence that had been holding me, Fenway Bartholomule, for nigh on three years. A fence that has held in Jasper Jules (all 200 pounds of him) plus two mama goats plus a flock of hens and a chihuahua. It was a good fence, except that now it is not. Now it is a mangled pile of mush and I, the good mule of Bent Barrow Farm, am restricted to my winter quarters until it is mended. Unfair! After all, it was I that sounded the alarm during the baby goat escape. I stood in the driveway, between FarmWife's home and the neighbor's, and brayed a message of plaintive need.  When her attention had been drawn, I trotted down the lane and around the corner and through the brush to the place where the fence was broken. I hopped back into my pasture. I showed her what had been done.

Briony Bluebell is for sale for $285 . . . no, $250 . . . no, FarmWife says she's marking her down to a mere $150. What a deal! Bowdoin is offered FREE to a pet home, provided you're willing to sign a contract guaranteeing he will not be made into a vindaloo.

Please, someone—rescue me from these capricious caprines!


P.S. Burzum, our best baby boy, has gone off to be a herd sire for a friendly neighborhood farmer. He'll have six does and ten acres to enjoy.

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