Sunday, September 25, 2011

The coolest necklace ever

FarmWife has THE COOLEST NECKLACE EVER. Period. And yes, I'm shouting. It's that cool. It's like the one at the link below, except it's ME! Could it get any better?

I keep saying, "FarmWife, let me tell my friends about my necklace!" and she keeps saying, "Fenway, we need to wait until we have a really great picture of it." The problem? I, Fenway Bartholomule, cannot manage to take a photograph. I try and push the button with my sturdy oblong hoofie, and the camera crumbles! I try and push the button with my flexible, rubbery lip, and the camera sizzles and shorts out. There is no solution but for FarmWife to enlist another human to take a picture of her wearing her good necklace, or perhaps to take a picture of it herself.

This is a photo taken with her laptop's built-in camera. It is not a good photo, but it gives you a sense of thing. I apologize that I could not get the real camera to work (and boy, is FarmWife going to be mad when she sees these hoofprints on the MacBook Pro).

This was a gift from my dear fan Debby, who says I am her FAVORITE celebrity. She gave FarmWife this beautiful glass tile pendant, plus another which is equally wonderful and which now adorns the neck of my biggest human child. There are fridge magnets, too! There's one of me, and one of our neighborhood cow—FarmWife is terribly tickled about this business, while I for one don't see where the cow comes into this business.

Ears to you, fan Debby, and thank you. Friends, visit her Etsy shop or look for FoalinAround on Facebook. She could turn you into jewelry too if you'll only let her!


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