Friday, September 16, 2011

Clarifying a point

Just so there's no confusion, let me restate a point: I am FarmWife's Best and Only mule. I am her one true love (except for her husband, who is her other one true love, and maybe the chihuahua). I am adored.

Yes, she goes off and trounces about the arena on a tall, elegant warmblood mare once in a while. Yes, she trail rides on a scruffy little draft horse when the opportunity affords itself. Yes, she passes four days, sometimes five—sometimes seven!—between muleback rides, but this is not because she does not love me. No! It is because she loves me so. She doesn't ride me when it's too dark for the roadways to be safe, and she doesn't ride me when she lacks the time to properly groom me, warm me up, cool me down, and put me away clean and dry.

She dreams of a time when she can ride me every day, or five days a week, but that's not realistic right now. (I have a secret—if FarmWife ever gets to the point where she wants to ride every day, I am going to DEMAND that she get a second equine. I'm not into that marathon exercise routine.) Right now, she manages as best she can, and you know what? She rubs my ears every single day. Even on days when she also pops out and rides in someone else's ring on someone else's horse.

Ears, Fenway

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