Wednesday, September 21, 2011

The chicken lady

You guys might remember my friend the chicken lady, who used to live on a sheep- and fowl-infested parcel here in Wickersham but who now lives in a delicious, if arid, wildflower meadow. Well, if you don't remember her you can just use the search bar here at Brays of Our Lives to learn more (or go to FarmWife's blog,, and search for Tonasket to see where she's living now). Anyway, she's had a terrible run of luck—first she had to move way far away (for work or some such, though I don't see why she couldn't have had a job working for me. She could have rubbed my ears) and then she had to have her precious little dog euthanized. She is a wonderful friend and FarmWife does miss her so.

Anyway, she's blogging now and I hope that by sharing my readers with her, I can enrich her lonesome existence on the desolate high meadows of Tonasket. Will you guys pop on over to and give her a fond bray for me? Next summer, I will visit her myself. she will rub my ears. They will make her feel better.

Brayfully yours,

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