Thursday, September 1, 2011

Back to school for baby humans

This is what happened this morning: 

I'm told it will happen five mornings out of every seven for the next nine months. 

A) the good news is that our biggest and middlest human children are off learning important things (how to deliver carrots with fingers held flat, perhaps? How to wield a dandy brush from front to back in the direction of hair growth?).

B) the bad news is that I am not allowed on the school bus because of my size.

C) the other good news is that, one year from today, the littlest human child will get on the school bus too (leaving me and FarmWife free to ride, in theory, so long as she has enough self-employment to keep her working at home).

D) and the other other good news is that, for now, FarmWife is still a stay-at-home mom with a child in the house and a good reason not to work outside the home (away from me, Fenway Bartholomule). The three of us will have so many adventures! 

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