Wednesday, September 14, 2011

A happy day

I am joyful—not only do I have donuts and bagels rising in the kitchen downstairs, a beautiful child playing at my feet, a handsome mule standing outside my window, and a glossy canine sleeping in my lap, but I've got all this and a really, really fun job. A job I can do right here, right now (as soon as I'm done blogging). I love my line of work, which just gets better and better. What a good thing it is that I decided, a year or so ago, to really stick with being a writer and editor! To commit to this freelance and contract work, spotty though it has been, and to make it my priority. My career has momentum now, and it still feels like play to me.

I also love my latest library find: The Encyclopedia of Country Living. How did I not know of this book before?? The librarians will have to wrench it from my clutching grasp when it comes due. What other book tells you how to build a flail, shoe an ox, kill a goat, and make soap, linen, donuts, and bagels (see above)?

I love my Adobe software. InDesign is a magnificent tool—I use it every day, and I'm still discovering new and wonderful features. If you've ever tried to create a booklet, brochure, or newsletter in Word, let me tell you this: you need a new tool. It's this one.

I have a new contract employment opportunity coming up next month—one that doesn't require much in the way of desktop publishing expertise but which does call on many of my other skills. I can't wait (and I'll tell you all about it once it's a hatched chick, if you know what I mean).  I love the way it's shaping up, and I love the mission of the people I'll be working for.

Enjoy your day (I know I will)!


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