Thursday, August 4, 2011

The terrible unexpected side effect

Here is the terrible unexpected side effect of owning three little girls and a foolish FarmWife:

I just can't decide if I look more like a chess piece, a stegasaurus, or some crown molding. As for FarmWife, she thinks I look Beeeee-Yoooo-tiful. Unfortunately, that means I might be rocking this look for some weeks to come (or until she gets a fjord to practice on). 

I will endure. At least I don't look like this guy:

Ears, Fenway

Other things that look like me, Fenway Bartholomule:


  1. FenBar you are looking good. You always look good!

  2. Rest assured Fenway, if you knew of my sister's plan for our Mounted Archery competition outfit you would be obscenely proud of your new outfit.

    Last I heard, it was to involve mane extensions and a black flamenco dress. I'd pass it off as an idle threat if Jj hadn't worn pants to the 4H Halloween Show.

    Missy the Mare


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