Tuesday, August 2, 2011

My daily dose

Now that I am a celebrity mule, it's very important that my health be maintained with precise . . . um, precision. This was important when I was merely a pasture mule, too, but that's beside the point. The point is that I now get fancy schmansy powdered herbs from my friends at Silver Lining Herbs and boy, are they delicious!

FarmWife is a firm believer in holistic approaches to wellness, so when the Silver Lining team asked her if I could use some botanical support (and when she looked at the testimonials and product descriptions on their website) she was quick to accept. Still, though, her knowledge of herbology is limited. She picked #27, Liver Support, for me, because I have very sensitive skin and severe fly reactions. She has to put fly spray on my tender ears and nether regions or I break out in bleeding hives, and she and the Silver Lining team agreed that a bit of detox for my barraged organs would be helpful.

When I first received my package of herbs, it came with these instructions: mix one tablespoon with a cup of oats and a little water. Administer daily.

FarmWife objected. "You're obese!" I was limited to one tablespoon with a quarter cup of oats and a little water. A quarter cup—for you metric people, this is like 20 grams or so. Not much for a strapping lad like me.

The miracle? It's still yummy. I don't know yet if these herbs will make me into an iron-strong, flyproof beast of immense resilience, but they are delicious! Now, to talk her into ordering me a bag of the herbs for fatties (#26, Thyroid Support). I wonder if they're just as tasty.


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