Friday, August 5, 2011


There's a burning orb of yellow-whiteness in the sky. It hurts my eyes when I look at it. The world is full of blues and yellows where there should be grays and browns, and when I exercise I get rivulets of fluid running off me. I was recently sponged with a damp cloth and then scraped with a wand. FarmWife called it a sweat scraper.

What is this sweat stuff? What is this golden emanation from the sky? Help me understand. I am just a simple mule from the rainy NorthWest.


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  1. As a Texas mare let me assure you Fenway that that big white-yellow thingy is supposed to be there. Unfortunately, here the great space heater in the sky is our ever constant foe on which we must wage constant war. It's so hot here in South Texas that even the grass has gone into hiding and refuses to come out.

    To keep cool even when the sun is at it's worst I'll pass on the Brewster horse's helpful hints...

    1) Electrolytes (potassium-free): You should get them early in the day so that they're in your system when it starts to warn up.

    2) Your water should always be in the shade (at least in the heat of the day, so that it's always cool and soothing to your sensitive mouth parts.

    3) Your big meals should be fed during the coolest parts of the day so that you may digest them without the stress of the unbearable heat.

    4) You should never be soaked in the middle of the day unless your human is prepared to scrape off the excess water. If the water sits under your hair it will heat quickly and soon you'll be even hotter than you were before.

    5) If you're sweating just out in the pasture you should inform Farmwife that you'll need to receive double rations to maintain your strength (Sister in: Not double, but decidly more to make up for the extra calories being lost during the day.) (Missy in: More is always better.)

    6) To keep coats beautiful and glossy each day should end with a shower, once the air cools alittle, to help wash away the grime and sweat of the day. Not only will your hair look better, but in the morning you'll be cooler without a layer of yuck on hour skin.

    7) Farmwife will also want to flood around your watertrough or another well traveled area to insure your beautiful tootsies stay moist and shiny.

    With much love and prayers that your rain has defaulted to Texas,

    Missy the Mare, as taken down by Sister.


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