Monday, August 29, 2011

Five favorite little parts of my routine

My daily routine is somewhat fixed, and except for the occasional ride I don't vary too much in my habits. There are a few highlights to every day, and here are a few of them:

1) the daily bray. This is always issued around 8 am, and usually has to do with the first sight of FarmWife and hay coming over the lawn.

2) the morning roll. This happens while FarmWife is doing the breakfast dishes, which is really handy because then she gets to watch it through the kitchen window.

3) the afternoon ear rub. This is often issued by FarmWife but occasionally issued by the weanling human or a guest.

4) the evening roll. This is always performed while FarmWife or FarmHusband is doing the dinner dishes, though I do say she enjoys seeing it more than he.

5) the goodnight whuffle. This is a sound that is something between a bray and a sigh. It undulates softly. It is delivered during the serving of the nightly hay, and if you heard it you would cry sweet tears of joy.

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