Monday, June 27, 2011

The things humans say, think, and do

A cleaner goat.

The things humans say, think, and do sometimes surprise me.

A few examples:

A) A group of motorcyclists, passing through FarmWife's target-shooting area, asked "are you putting that mule down?" Gun. Shooter. Tied Animal. A natural assumption, I guess. FarmWife assured them that no, she planned to shoot in the opposite direction.

B) On Sunday, the humans made a Tuesday appointment to show Jasper Jules to a potential adopter. Also on Sunday, the humans burned a brush pile in Jasper's paddock. And allowed him access to it. And were surprised when he wound up covered in gray soot on Monday morning. And spent Monday afternoon giving him a bath. He is now locked in the horse trailer (made possible by the cool and overcast skies—thanks, Washington State!) and clean as a whistle.

C) The humans wondered for a week whether it would be good or bad to reintegrate me and Missy with B.G. after the birth of her triplets. When they finally did, I was nothing but sweet. Grandma Missy, on the other hand, spent the first twenty minutes hurling her geriatric self at her daughter in a frustrated attempt at regaining supremacy. Why, I wonder, did the humans not see THIS coming? It's not as though Missy has ever taken anything lying down. (Luckily for B.G., Missy tires easily. The whole family is now napping at my feet.)

Maybe tomorrow the humans will make more sense. Today, though, I love them anyway.



  1. What did Jasper do that he can't live with you all any longer? Is he being mean to the kids? I can't imagine Jasper would do that.

  2. Jasper isn't in trouble! He's a very good boy, but he's also on a very different management plan from the other goats. He can't have alfalfa due to his bladder stones issue, and the girls (milking B.G. and geriatric Missy) drop weight if they DON'T have alfalfa. If we had a bigger place with a couple of sheds, we could make it work . . . as it is, he has to seek shelter in the horse trailer (and, in the winter, the horse trailer isn't very cozy). It's a sort of a lonely life for a goat, and FarmWife hopes to find him a home with people who play with him every day or other wether goats who share his dietary needs and activity level.

    It's a tough choice for FarmWife, since she wants to ensure he'll be safe for life, but she's hoping to place him with a check of the site and references and a solid contract that guarantees we get him back if he doesn't work out.


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