Tuesday, June 7, 2011

These are the things

These are the things FarmWife could do next week: 

She could donate blood to the Red Cross.

She could mentor a child.

She could write a book.

She could dine out at any of a number of fine establishments.

She could learn to crochet.

She could make a hot-glued macaroni mural.

She could sharpen her scissors.

She could practice the piano.

She could walk a shelter dog.

She could file her toenails and apply polish.

She could join an acapella singing group.

This is the thing that FarmWife plans to do next week:

She plans to deworm me, Fenway Bartholomule.

FarmWife is not a bad person—she is a good person who sometimes makes bad choices. 



  1. Very well put, FW.

    Is it possible she may do one or two of those other things as well? I don't think deworming you will take *ALL* week...

  2. If you're lucky, You'll get your favorite treat afterwards!!

  3. I agree with Bill. Everyone gets discouraged. That's the way life is.

  4. well take some Appy advice and mash it around in your mouth.. Make it LOOK like you are swallowing it all peacefully and without a fuss and then.. put on your darling-est face.. which I cannot imagine is much of a stretch from your normal face if you are anything like me, and reach out to her as if to rub a fly off her shoulder and Stick out your tongue and smear her with what you did not actually swallow.. THIS allows you to treat her for worms.. which YOU did not have either.. and still take wormer so she will not dose you again.. TADA!!!
    Love from Paris


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