Thursday, June 16, 2011

Silly FarmWife

So . . . have you ever checked your facts and checked again? Have you ever been so very convinced that your facts were straight that you got everyone in a tizzy about your particularly important and correct conviction? Have you then discovered, to your humble and sheepish embarrassment, that your facts were actually WRONG?

Here's the deal: FarmWife thought that B.G. was bred on January 5th. She thought this despite not having written it down (flake! Flakey flakey flake!) and not having obtained a service memorandum from the buck owner at the time of service. She passed the next five months expecting June 4th kids, and passed the last week thinking that B.G. was dangerously overdue. She involved her family, her friends, her vets, and her mule in worrying and wringing our hooves over the concerning matter of B.G.'s prolonged pregnancy.

Yesterday, she even talked on the phone with the buck owner. "I think my doe was bred to Mr. X on Jan. 5th. Do you think my doe was bred to Mr. X on Jan. 5th?"     "Yes, I think your doe was bred to Mr. X on Jan. 5th."    FarmWife didn't think to say, "could you please open your record book and check," or "can I please pick up that service memorandum from you today so as to be sure?"

Well, folks, FarmWife has egg on her face today! Here's the deal—just before leaving for an ultrasound appointment with our caprine vet, FarmWife whipped out the checkbook. Lightbulb! FarmWife thought to scrutinize her checkbook register, which usually shows things like check number, amount paid, and . . . oh, date of payment. Things like that.

You guessed it . . . FarmWife paid for buck service on January the 17th in the Year of our Mule 2011.  150 days ago today, actually.

What does this mean? This means B.G. is right on time. You'll be calling me Uncle Fenway any day now.



  1. So glad to hear B.G. isn't overdue yet. :) Fenway, us humans are fallible, I've made mistakes of similar magnitude myself...

  2. Reassuring and embarrassing, a lovely combo.

    Although if she'd had the ultrasound, you would know she's carrying a litter of live 7 kids. Good gravy, the aerial view is broad!!

  3. "Live" seven kids would be good too . . . so long as mom and babies stayed that way! Yes, the ultrasound would have been interesting. Better, FarmWife thinks, not to stress her now that we know that she's actually due NOW . . . but if she goes late, we're there.

    Anon.—you've made mistakes of similar magnitude, but have you made them about a goat of similar breadth?


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