Thursday, June 30, 2011


This is me sulking in the rain. We went up a mountain just before the deluge. Up a mountain is not the best place to go when it's wet. Believe me. As if a raincloud up in the sky were not unpleasant enough—now we have to climb up and stand in it? 

We did, however, see a lot of wildlife. Perhaps they could not smell me because I was so drenched? Deer, bear, birds. The bear didn't scare me a bit (though I think I scared him). The evilest thing on the whole ride, actually, was deceptively similar in appearance to a crooked twig. FarmWife didn't understand that it was really a petrified serpent about to be released from centuries of enchantment. She is lucky we got away in time. 

I forgave her for making me go out, and she thanked me heartily for my effort. We did not ride today, as all of my tack is still drying. (At least it's all synthetic. Thank you, Wintec!) 


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