Monday, June 20, 2011

Ministering to the sick

Clover, being an excellent nurse as well as a darned cute critter, has assigned herself the task of comforting poor baby R in her time of need. R has a severe ear ache and is sleeping on the couch with Clover under her arm, after having been closely attended by the chihuahua ever since the pain began. Clover, who makes a very good bed warmer, is enjoying the obligation.

D, meanwhile, can't get enough of the three baby goats that were born here on Friday. For the first time in recent memory, she's choosing outside time over movie watching, coloring, or sculpting with play-doh.
Are these my girls, or are these my girls?! Makes a mother proud.



  1. Well deserved pride M! Earaches hurt sooo much though... poor R...

  2. It's diplomatic of you to add "coloring' and "sculpting with play-doh" to D's favorite indoor activities.



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