Friday, June 10, 2011

I'm in charge

FarmWife has left me with a bunch of supplies like garbage bags, towels, delivery blankets, sterilized scissors, a bulb syringe, a veterinary thermometer, iodine, paper towels, a telephone, and the vet's phone number. I'm in charge while she's away today (but FarmHusband is here to serve as my assistant midwife if necessary). She says B.G., who was due on Monday but who doesn't look close, expects NOT to have her kids quite yet. There's no harm, however, in leaving a guy with all the necessities just in case.

Unfortunately, FarmWife forgot to open the door to the nursery for me . . . . but I can leap the gate in a single bound of the need arises. No birthing mother shall suffer needlessly so long as I, Fenway Bartholomule, am on the case!



  1. What an upstanding citizen you are!!

  2. HI FENWAY!!!
    Check out Tekes Tally-Ho to read our post about Dixie the Akhal-Teke Mule! Feel free to "borrow" the pics:


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