Sunday, June 26, 2011

Another good reason not to wear shoes

Metal shoes on pavement? Sure, if you're walking.

I embarrassed myself a little today, I'll admit—I saw a pair of dragons (FarmWife says motorcycles—we have agreed to disagree). I was in the public roadway, and I saw dragons, and I embarrassed myself completely but I did NOT lose my footing. In my rubber boots and bare back hooves, I managed great acts of cowardice with the utmost poise.

I performed a lovely canter pirouette, proving that mules can TOO do dressage, and then I performed a fabulous 100 meter dash, proving that even the best of equines can bolt when startled. I managed these feats of athleticism with nary a misstep, and my balance and cadence was such that my rider suffered no physical harm (psychological damage, well . . . that's another matter).

FarmWife shamed me by thanking the polite dragon-riders for slowing their monsters and silencing their roars, and then she shamed me again by APOLOGIZING to THEM for MY BEHAVIOR! Can you believe it? They are the ones who should be apologizing. Scaring a poor innocent mule like that.

FarmWife says I'm wrong, and that there are certain things a mule must put up with.




  1. Nice going!
    We had an incidence with traffic today, too.... a dump truck with terribly loud brakes that sounded as if they haven't been serviced... EVER! Needless to say... our horses were not impressed!

  2. Fenway, the horses at my riding school have gotten used to noisy dragons as long as they don't make weird noises, but are less keen on those silent weirdly glidey things the humans call push bikes...

  3. Fenway:
    Dragons aren't impressing anyone with their antics on country roads. Glad you and Farmwife are safe. Mules can't be too careful!

  4. Glad they didn't sear that lovely hide with any bursts of flame. You'll be less afraid next time.


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