Sunday, May 1, 2011

That was then

Have you ever noticed that the things that made you happy when you were a foal are the things that still make you happy today? For me, it's grass, hay, and ear rubs. Drinking from the trough, then extending my wet tongue to catch 60 or 90 seconds' worth of delectable breezes. Frolicking a little, resting a lot. 

For FarmWife, it's equines and canines. Then, it was poodles on ponies. Now, it's chihuahuas on mules. She's simply ALWAYS gotten a big kick out of sensible geldings and cuddly puppies. 

These fine specimens are shorty the mustang/POA/yak mix, who came to FarmWife (she was eight) as a teenaged pony with a resigned attitude and a serious maggot infestation in his ears. (!!!!!) After being treated, he became a steady first mount, though he was always headshy. He was put down because of complications from Cushings disease in his late twenties, and buried on FarmWife's farm. 

Pether was a toothless toy poodle with a very small brain. (People say poodles are smart. Many are. This one wasn't.) She had some endearing qualities, though FarmWife can't remember exactly what they were. Let us simply say that she was not FarmWife's favorite childhood dog, but that she was one of FarmWife's childhood dogs.  That has to count for something. 

May they both rest in peace.



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