Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Patchwork Mule

FarmWife and FarmHusband have plenty in common, not the least of which is an appreciation for patchwork things. FarmHusband once released an album entitled Patchwork Girl with his former band, and I'd like to think that he called it that for a reason. The reason was surely that he knew he'd marry someone someday, and that she'd get a mule, and that that mule would shed unevenly, and that the mule would leave his mistress covered in fur pancakes after every grooming from April through June. I am a patchwork mule, and even though I am male I do like to think of this ska record as a tribute . . . a tribute to me, Fenway Bartholomule. Thanks, FarmHusband! thanks, Johnny Too Bad and the Strikeouts! I'm humbled, and I'm grateful.

Ears, sleek and shaggy, to you.


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