Monday, May 9, 2011

My goat's a boat

This is my goat, viewed from the top. 

This is my goat, viewed from the rear.

My goat is pregnant. She is supposed to wait four more weeks before kidding, as she's due on June 5th.

FarmWife recalls that this doe's mother is the tiniest saanen there is, and yet somehow managed to produce 11 and 13 pound kids three years ago (B.G. and her brother Jasper Jules). B.G. is much bigger than her mother, and this is her second pregnancy. She had two big strapping kids last year, the weights of which were not recorded.

We are now taking wagers on what day, what time, what gender(s), and what weight(s) B.G. will produce. The closest guesser will receive an autographed photo of the little darling(s), with their own precious little hoofprints inked upon it. You can email your answers to

May the speculating begin!


  1. I see three kids...9lb 10lb and 12lb. Lots of Pink, so more girls than boys, possibly a 2 to 1 ratio. Lets see, ummm...(concentrating here.....) 17th! Yes, the 21th of May looks to be a joyous day for all. Start celebrating a 2pm, when an appearance will be forthcoming of kidlet #1. Then the other two will follow within a 3 hr span.
    That is it for my pre-dick-a-tive-ness.....

  2. I think triplets, all males, one 9 lbs, one 10 lbs and the other 11 lbs... and I'm guessing June 7th, at 8pm, for the beginning of labor.

  3. Twin does, 12lbs or thereabouts, on her due date June 5th at the eleventh hour! Hold on just a few more days B.G. you poor thing!


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